Jul 11 2013

Welcome to evbpmusic.com v3.0

Welcome to the new version of the website!

The sexy new design is meant to complement the sexy new album The Mechanical Essence Of Whiskers. Nine of ten songs have reached the final mix stage and are waiting to be mastered. The final track “Decipher This Song” is getting some last minute retooling before getting mixed. I want it to be perfect. After all, it’s not everyday that MC Lars graces one of my tracks.

Speaking of Lars, he is currently on tour with the traveling freak show known as Warped Tour 2013! So you should get yourself a ticket and head out and see that!

I have decided that because of the magnitude of the album that is to follow M.E.O.W., I will be releasing an as of yet untitled EP. Comprised of a combination of unreleased tracks, cover tunes, remixes, and live tracks it should at the very least tide you over until NEXT is ready.

So that’s all for now. Take a look around and enjoy the new site!

Stay Weird.