Aug 31 2015

Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. part…. uh… let’s just call it “9”. Ok?

O… M… Gumdrops you guys! Only one track left to mix before M.E.O.W. gets shipped off to be mastered! I am so excited!!

So, what is with the title of this post? “Let’s just call it ‘9’”? Well, y’know… cuz there are only 10 tracks on the record and I have 1 left… so… GET OFF MY BACK!!!!!!!!!

Pixel Fix

This is my attempt to write a song in a similar vein to Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire – a combination of chiptune music with live instrumentation. If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a bit of a fan. I also really want to give some mad props to Logan Witte – who played the live drums – and Pete Bishop (my stepdad) who did a ridiculous amount of post-processing to get the drums tracks to line up. I could have done this song without the live drums, but I feel like THIS is the best version. Also the drum sound is SOOOOO Steve Albini – big, boomy in all the right spots, and tight as hell!

I gotta give you all a heads up, the next track will probably take a while to finish as there are A LOT of elements to it, and I want it to be perfect. Because I love you. Also, because I am a perfectionist.

Anyway, enjoy the new tracks – collect all them puzzle pieces – make this world more like Equestria – and keep your sense-holes peeled for the final track!

Aug 30 2015

O… M… Goodness! Puzzle Pieces!

Track from last week is being cleaned up as we speak. With any luck, I will be able to post it here tonight. If the internet had fingers, would it cross them?

In the meantime, I have some puzzle pieces for you.


Not sure if I mentioned this before, but the first five people to come up with the correct track listing for the album, get a physical copy in ‘da mail! To participate, collect the pieces (there are more on the way) and put them together. Then, drop me an email at fanmail [AT] evbpmusic [DOT] com with the track listing. I will announce the winners here on the site!

Aug 17 2015

Puzzle Pieces To Tide You Over

That’s right, P2T2 YO! Sorry, with all the Straight Outta Compton memes I couldn’t resist doing my own. Because I had a headache. And no ibuprofen. Do you like it? Anyway, about those puzzle pieces. Here they are!

BAM!And if you’re reading this, I’m sure you want more detail on why you’re not getting an MP3 this week. The next track I plan to upload felt like it was lacking something. And the object of lack was real, live drums! So Pete and I spent this afternoon recording drums with his friend Logan Witte. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I had never heard him drum before, but Pete assured me that he was a talented guy.

He was right.

BAM!I don’t know how many takes it usually takes most drummers, but Logan – having never heard the song before – managed to kill it in less than four takes! I was also really impressed (and thankful) that I didn’t have to spell out every pattern or try to play it for him first (I haven’t played the drums in years, so I’m really out of practice). Other than a few guiding points (lots of toms, drop out here, etc) he seemed to have an instinct for what to play. I can’t wait to post the mp3 for you. I’m sure you’re gonna love it!

Aug 11 2015

Completed tracks for M.E.O.W. Pt 10

So if this is Part 10, and there are 10 tracks on the album… What the floppy disk?! I haven’t exactly been religious about the numeric consistency of these. Plus, I have announced tracks and not posted mp3s at the same time, so I guess I’m innocent. But think positive! 8 of 10 tracks for the album are ready for mastering!

And to end your wait, here it is! The track I dangled in front of your faces yesterday. Here for your listening enjoyment!

Decipher This Song (featuring MC Lars)

I know it seems silly, but doing a track with an established, internationally known artist makes me feel like I have “made it”. On the upside, Lars is a genuinely talented guy and it’s a privilege to get to do a song with him – celebrity or no. Besides, “making it” is all relative. That guy at the local “open mic night” showing up and playing songs that he loves and doing his own thing without concern for being rich and famous has “made it”. Kanye West has “made it”. The one guy who won American Idol a couple years ago (you know the one I’m talking about!), he’s “made it”. Success is what you make of it.

Two more tracks everyone! The album will be ready before you know it. In the meantime, have fun figuring out the puzzle pieces, and deciphering the song!

Aug 10 2015

Not quite a new track for M.E.O.W…

What the heck does that mean?! What it means is that I thought I would have a track ready for you tonight. Unfortunately, after listening to the finished mix in my car on the drive home and at home on my laptop, a certain part of the track was not sitting right with me. So I have decided to refrain from posting the mp3 here (at least for a few more days), because I don’t want to risk that you’ll be as critical of the track as I am and as such think it is less than awesome.

piece5So why am I updating the site, if not to give you a new track? Three reasons. First, because I love you. Second, to give you a new puzzle piece (OMG! Puzzizzle Pizzieces!). And threed, to drop some well-deserved props on the rapper who made a guest appearance on the latest track.

Andrew Nielsen, AKA MC Lars is one of the hardest working rappers I know. He’s also one of the most personable and approachable. I emailed him an mp3 of one of my tracks back in 2010 (“Jolt”, in case you were wondering), and he was really enthusiastic about it. I was on cloud number 9! Number 9! #9!

He does't look like this in real life!I remember being a nervous wreck when I contacted him back in 2011 asking if I could interview him when he was on his upcoming tour with MC Chris. Because I’m the type, when I really admire an artist, I want to know everything about them! I think Henry Rollins once said “I want to know what they ate for breakfast on July 17, 1978!” I may have the date wrong, but the sentiment is the same – I want to find out what makes them tick. So the opportunity to interview Lars was something I really looked forward to!

Following an interview conducted in the alley next to the Blind Pig, Lars said “If you ever want me on a track, get in touch!” This was just too tempting to ignore! Being on a track with one of my heroes? Where the fudgsicle do I sign up?! So I continued working on the tracks that would become M.E.O.W. I finally got a brilliant idea in my head, and I wanted Lars to be a part of that brilliant idea! I contacted him with the song idea. He let me know if I could cover the time in the studio to record his vocal take, he would lay down a track.

I did.

He did.

And now you have to wait a few more days to hear it! AAAUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! You feel the same as Lars up there, don’t you?!

But anyway it’s getting late and this post should let you know about Lars. Because I owe him a shout-out, and because Lars, man!!!

He has a new crowd-funded album coming out, The Zombie Dinosaur LP. Being an avid supporter I haven’t heard ALL of the tracks, but I have heard a few (and I’ll hear the rest when I get my copy of the crowd-funded album!). I’ve have heard this one, which if you aren’t stupid (…you’re not STUPID, are you??) you should check out.

I’ve got Dragon Blood, what you wanna do, son?!

Oh, by the way if you’re not familiar with the rest of Lars’ catalog, allow me to drop some youtubes on youse!

Flow Like Poe

Download This Song

White Kids Aren’t Hyphy

So continue holding your breath for a few more days! The new track is on it’s way. And that means there are only two more tracks remaining until the completion of M.E.O.W. Pur, my pretties… pur.

Aug 06 2015

Puzzle Piece? Yes!!

I love you guys (and gals)! I hope you will be my fans for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever andoh wait, I have a puzzle piece for you! Happy and stuffs!


Can anyone explain why WP automatically surrounds images with hyperlinks? Seems pointless.

Will you also get a new mp3 from the album this week?! Only time will tell, because I’m not gonna tell you. I want it to be a surprise. A surprise!!!!!

Jul 27 2015

Completed tracks for M.E.O.W. Pt 9

EVBP_explicit “Hey! You made it sound like you were gonna have a new track for us last last week! What gives?”

I know! Sorry everyone. Long story short, the track was ready last week. However, the first time it was rendered to mp3, I noticed the sound effects track had not rendered along with the rest of the mix. I mentioned this to Pete the next day, and he dropboxed me a new copy. After downloading this version and listening to it, I discovered that it sounded very choppy.

So after a very busy week at work, I finally got a chance to sit down with Pete and render the mp3 once again. So without further ado, here it is!

Washington Wives

When I was in elementary school and first discovering music, I used to get really frustrated because the albums that always had the coolest looking artwork were also the albums that had “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” labels stuck to them. It was a couple years before I would finally buy many of these albums, because I remember my parents taking away my copy of Vanilla Ice’s To The Extreme because they thought the content was inappropriate. I didn’t want to buy a tape or CD that I figured my parents were just going to take away from me.

censored_albumsAs a teenager, I discovered the origin of the advisory labels. I also discovered the not-so-innocent history of court trials that followed in the wake of the PMRC’s founding. Jello Biafra became something of a spiritual advisor. I remember my disgust seeing the censored version of Nirvana’s In Utero on Wal-Mart shelves. I remember having to walk through a crowd of religious protesters at a Marilyn Manson concert. I remember rushing out to the local Sam Goody where my cousin worked, and getting her to sell me a copy of ICP’s The Great Milenko after seeing how it was being pulled from shelves as a result of pressure from the Southern Baptist Church on MTV News.

The world didn’t end. Many of the musicians whose music changed my life are still active today. The PMRC however, went belly-up long ago. And yet record labels both big and small, continue to put parental advisory labels on the albums they release. Now permanently printed over the front cover of the record. So I think it is safe to say that Tipper and her fellow Washington Wives are still winning the war to this day.

Anyway, as an apology for taking so long to get you guys the new track, I am giving you not one, but TWO mp3 this time. This is a remix of “Chickenz” that I did way back in 2013. I was initially planning to hold onto it until I reached 100 facebook fans, but withholding music from fans ain’t cool. So please enjoy these new tracks!

Chickenz (Hit Remix)

Jul 18 2015

New puzzle piece! Yay!

piece4Another one of these little geometric things for you! They will keep coming, like snow flakes in winter! Until they stop… like snow flakes in winter.

If you have been paying attention to the updates here, then you may notice the pattern that I tend to post about completed mixes on Sunday… Well, hopefully this Sunday will be no different! I am getting together with Pete to finish(???) another mix this weekend. And as is also a part of the pattern, I will post an mp3 here when it’s ready. Like the header says, “Yay!”

I will also give an update on the status of the pedal board in the near future. At present, it is built, I am just in the process of arranging pedals, positioning them ergonomically, and attempting to get the signal-to-noise ratio.

Stay tuned!

Jul 06 2015

Completed tracks for M.E.O.W. Pt 8

Hi everybody!

A couple weeks back I said that one of the tracks completed was “Candytosis”. Unfortunately, the final mix of that was lost. So this week Pete and I mixed it again. I’m presenting it as the pre-master download for the present. So without further ado, here is

Candytosis (Sweet Tooth II)

If you are not familiar with the rest of my catalog, let me give you a little background on this track. It is the logical sequel to Sweet Tooth from my album Lo-Fi Mouth. The song is all about sweet stuff (with a title like ‘Sweet Tooth’, what did you expect?). I’m not sure what inspired me to write another song all about sweets, considering I personally do not have much of a sweet tooth (except when it comes to Jolt…), but “Candytosis” is the result.

I have a few tracks left. I am being very meticulous about them. Changing parts here and there. I’m beginning to realize that being anal about the final mix of a track doesn’t compensate for the overall track lacking in spots. So I am taking a little extra time with the remaining tracks to add parts, change parts, and re-analyze existing parts. You all deserve the best and I deserve to release an album I am 100% satisfied with.

Enjoy the new track, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more tracks, puzzle pieces, and updates on the pedal board!

Jul 02 2015

Holy stuff! I owe you a new puzzle piece!

tkkWhat’s happened in the last week? I went to The Token Lounge and saw the one and only My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult! It was epic!! It’s always exciting to see a band that has been doing awesome things for years and just continues to get better and better! Check it out! Buzz McCoy (Left, keyboards), Mimi Star (Middle, bass – Oh my gosh, I want to marry her!), and Groovy Mann (Right, lead vocals) tearing it up in the Motor City!

My apologies that I don’t have a new mp3 for your listening pleasure. Presently, I am working on putting the finishing touches on two of the tracks for the album. Just trying to decide which one to ‘finalize’ next. Regardless of which song I choose, you will be presented with an MP3 of a song. MP3s are wonderful, ain’t they? You can listen to them on your computer, or your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player/Other Modern Device! In the meantime, please accept this additional puzzle piece as a token of my esteem. It marks piece #3 in the ongoing puzzle piece mystery! (hint: It wasn’t Col. Mustard in the Library with a candle stick!)piece3

Stay weird, you weirdos!

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