It’s kind of like “Choose Your Own Adventure”… but with biographies.

No one knows the true story behind Experimental Voice Box Programmer, but these bios should at least give you an excuse to waste half an hour on the internet. As if you need an excuse to waste time on the internet.

Experimental Voice Box Programmer – A Biography

In 2003, the music world was completely unaffected by the birth of Experimental Voice Box Programmer. And why would it be? After all, countless young adults had picked up instruments and written songs as a means of self-expression. And plenty of gifted artists had crossed musical genres and given the middle finger to conventional song …

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Experimental Voice Box Programmer – For The Love of Jaded Rock!

Experimental Voice Box Programmer is comprised solely of singer/songwriter Adam Noveskey (ex-Humachine, Apollyanna, X-Moron, and Pawnshop Riot). He has been using the EVBP moniker since the fall of 2003. Lo-Fi Mouth was released in January of 2004, Throw-Down Syndrome EP was released in September 2005, The X of Art EP was released in November 2010, …

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Experimental Voice Box Programmer – The Real Story

Experimental Voice Box Programmer may just be the most talented soul singer in Monowi, Nebraska. With influences as wide spread as Nina Simone, William Shatner, and GG Allin his vocal and musical style ranges from the pathetic and tragic to the funny and tense. Few artists have quite the same appeal to Gen Xers and …

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