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The X of Art (Lyrics)

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Lisa Simpson
Train (Like a Choo-Choo)
The X of Art

Lisa Simpson

I’d like you to meet someone
Her name is Lisa
She’s smart as a whip
And a member of MENSA
She’s a buddhist and she’s a vegan too
And her favorite album is ‘Birth of the Cool’

I wish that Lisa was my sister

Once a week she volunteers at the old folks home
And with the help of Ms. Lovell she made a children’s doll
She’s the poster child for all of us who are nerdy
And she’s jammed on occasion with Bleeding Gums Murphy


And if Lisa were my sister we would foil Sideshow Bob
‘Cuz she’s the only eight-year old I know who holds down a job
We’d write a cartoon show together it would be on TV
And I would give her back the head to her Malibu Stacy

Maybe in 2012 she’ll join the Nader campaign
And when she graduates from college she’ll find a cure for AIDS
And if she doesn’t she’ll still be a sister to me
And we’ll both just sit on the couch and watch Krusty



I like chickens
I like them a lot!
But not for eating,
Or none of that stuff

I like to f*** them in the b*** (x3)
I like to f*** chickens in the b***

Chickens make eggs
Which are good for a meal
But lets just be honest
Yo! I’m keeping it real


Since chickens don’t have feelings
Well I don’t feel bad
About ******* ****
And ******* ****
And **** **** ****


Train (Like a Choo-Choo)

I’m gonna join in the race
But first I’ve got to get myself in shape
Training at the gym and eating right
And getting enough sleep at night

I’m gonna train – like a choo choo (x4)

I’ll jog to the mailbox and back
And I’ll jog to the vet to get my cat
And I’ll jog to McDonald’s – well probably not
Because I like Subway a lot


So today is the day of the big race
I’ll probably fall flat on my face
I trained really hard but not enough
And the competition looks real tough


The X of Art

The sunlight that comes shining in
Will bring me to the world again
With volume cranked to shake the floors
We’ll bust right through Clear Channel’s doors
I’ll take the horse and cart to town
And watch the masses gather round
To hear all of the creepy sounds
I’ve brought back from the underground

And they’ll say…
One. More. Time. Now!
Lets. Just. Go. Wild!

The sounds I share will take the place
Of all soft pop and Kanye Waste
We’re driven by some heartfelt power
Instead of corporate, cash-cow dollars
Ushering the Britneys out
We’ll play some goth rock, and some kraut
Frank Zappa would surely approve
Of Top 40’s imminent doom

And he’d say…
One. More. Time. Now!
Lets. Just. Go. Wild!

I’ve got the sounds you need to hear
So take these discs and drop your beer
Some protopunk and acid jazz
Will kick the back of Nickelass
And even though its just a dream
I’ll fight for credibility
For powernoise and jaded rock
Lo-fi, darkwave, and nerdcore hip hop

And we’ll say
One. More. Time. Now!
Lets. Just. Go. Wild!


I’ve gotta write a song
To fill up my quota
But I won’t sing about Lisa, chickens, or yoga
This next songs about my favorite cola…
I’ll write a song about JOLT!!!!!

Used to come in a plastic bottle
Now it comes in a can shaped like a battery
Energized with taurine, guarana, ginseng
And did I mention, a lot of caffeine!

J! O! L! T! (x2)
Number one super caffeine friend for me
J! O! L! T! (x2)
Pop the top, take a swig, and you’ll have lots of energy!

Has more caffeine than Bawls, Red Bull and even Rock Star
And you’ll get more value for your dollar ‘cuz it still tastes better by far!


It’s called ‘Power Cola’ for a reason!

Tell me where would I be if they’d never invented it?
Thanks to Jolt Cola I can stay up all night
Playing first person shooters on the internet!