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Throw-Down Syndrome (Lyrics)

Here you will find the lyrics to all the songs on the Throw-Down Syndrome EP. Click on a song title below to jump straight to it’s lyrics.

Baldwin’s Bald Spot
…Which Hand Fills Up Faster


I still don’t entirely know what I was screaming about. Crack will do that to ya.

Baldwin’s Bald Spot

I was listening to the radio
When I heard a song by some dead bloke
And I still can’t figure out quite why
He said ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy’

None of these words make any sense
The way of rocknroll is to mess with your head
Snort that line of coke and write your opus
To figure out your lyrics we’d need an interpreter

I was in a retail store one day
When I heard a song that was quite gay
It seems a fascination with suck and blow
He’s ‘going down on the old man with a transistor radio’


I was strolling down the street on a hot summer day
I ambled into the YMCA
I waltzed up to the counter and I started to cry
Maybe ‘I am blue, I’m in need of a guy’


…Which Hand Fills Up Faster

Kaliedoscopic wordplay
It’s the tone of fashion
Microscopic death rays
Make a soul connection
Televangelist wives
With their botox treatments
Circus of kitchen knives
Everything is okay

Zesty, cotton cocktails
Makes my mouth like cotton
Logics a pinata
That we’ve long forgotten
Soaking up the bath water
As a way of coping
Smoking some good reefer
Everything is just fine

Candlewax nostalgic
Only takes a minute
I will make you all sick
Sticking my fingers in it
Stop to smell the roses
Drank some whiskey sour
Adults pick their noses
Everything is just great

Had a great idea
That I felt like sharing
Forgot it at the bus stop
All your friends were laughing
Pointing grubby digits
At all of my mistakes
Said I was a dimwit
Then it all went to shit