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Experimental Voice Box Programmer – For The Love of Jaded Rock!

live at howards-may302013Experimental Voice Box Programmer is comprised solely of singer/songwriter Adam Noveskey (ex-Humachine, Apollyanna, X-Moron, and Pawnshop Riot). He has been using the EVBP moniker since the fall of 2003. Lo-Fi Mouth was released in January of 2004, Throw-Down Syndrome EP was released in September 2005, The X of Art EP was released in November 2010, and the M.E.O.W. album has not been released yet. This bio is pretty boring.

Other musicians have contributed their talents to the project, although for legal reasons we cannot list their names here (one would need access to a search engine or other such archaic device to reveal this information). Wait a minute, yes we can. Absolutely we can reveal their names! Brian Ables, Amanda Bishop, MC Lars, Tony Raines, Jesse Sanchez, and Jordan Schug! Give them a round of applause internet audience! EVBP is a jack of all trades, master of none, which is why guest musicians have assisted in his twisted endeavors.

EVBP has cited several influences although most prominently Butthole Surfers, Ween, Throbbing Gristle, Mindless Self Indulgence, Big Black, Ramones, They Might Be Giants, and mc chris. Obviously, it makes for good copy for an artist to list bands that sound even a little bit like them in their bio. Especially, when many of those artists are drastically different from each other in style.

EVBP performances have consisted of all varieties of weirdness – sock puppets, aerobic dance routines, drinking shot glasses full of ketchup, video projections, joke telling, spontaneous mashups, and chugging of Jolt Cola (sometimes all in the span of one song) and continue to get weirder and simultaneously more entertaining. All of this is, of course, why EVBP demands $20 for every gig he performs. After all, to subject ones body to such punishment you have to be making good money.

“I enjoy a good laugh, but by the same token, I don’t want my music to be taken as a joke just because some of my lyrical themes are humorous. I’m also capable of writing very deep, emotional stuff. But after spending the first 10 years of my music career being in bands where most songs were angst-ridden or depressing, I decided I wanted to lighten up the mood a little. Life sucks sometimes, but not often enough that I want to get on stage and sing a bunch of songs about how life sucks.”

In addition to being the only member of the group, EVBP is also the webmaster, booking agent, manager, merch guy, roadie, video producer, and publicist – jack of all trades, master of none. Stretching himself in so many different directions not only correlates with, but may even be responsible for the low quality of everything he has ever done. But as long as you don’t expect much, you should be satisfied with whatever you get from this maniac.

If you’ve managed to read this far, as the narrator I feel it necessary to inform you that 90% of what you have read in this and the other two biographies is absolute bunk. But I’m sure you can manage to glean at least a little bit of factual information from each version of the biography. And if not, well hopefully you got a laugh out of reading them!