Find answers to questions you might have considered asking Experimental Voice Box Programmer here.

Is this really a FAQ? Do you honestly get asked these questions frequently?

Yes, this is really a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions for the Ted Kaczynski’s of the world). But not in the traditional sense. These are questions that have been asked of me, or that I feel give some kind of insight into my madness.

This is different from the old FAQ. Why?

Because a lot of the questions on the old FAQ were not interesting or informative enough to justify keeping.

Do you really like to f**k chickens in the butt?

If you really want to find out, click here.

What is Jaded Rock?

Jaded Rock is a buzzword – a label designed to give media people something to talk about.

No, really. What is Jaded Rock?

Oh, you’re one of those people! Fine. Jaded Rock is a subgenre of alternative music. It is more of an attitude towards music than a style. Jaded Rock is characterized by a healthy level of cynicism about the commercial appeal and/or artistic integrity of an artist’s music. How’s that for an answer?

When are you playing a show in (insert city and state here)?

Check the box on the right-hand side of the screen that says Upcoming Shows. If you don’t see your city there, bug your local venues to book me! I want to play everywhere!

I can’t download The X of Art EP from your Bandcamp page. What gives?

The X of Art is a limited edition CD. Only 100 copies were made. For the time being you can buy it at Rama-Lama Records, Finders Records or buy it in person at one of my shows.

What is “The X of Art” anyway?

A concept that sprung from a conversation I was having with a couple of friends one night. We made the observation that it seems fairly common that artists of various mediums have a tendency to either have a great deal of creativity or a great deal of technical skill. Each of the bars in the letter X could be thought to represent these two qualities and their intersection represents those rare instances where an artist is both very creative and very skilled in their medium. Obviously, the only thing this concept proves is that drugs are bad.

What is Jolt Cola?

A long time ago – before Red Bull, Monster, and 5-Hour Energy – computer programmers all over the world had but three choices when it came time for all-night coding marathons – coffee, cocaine, and Jolt. Coffee was effective, but not especially tasty; cocaine was effective but illegal… and uh, deadly. Jolt was the perfect balance – tasty, effective… and uh, legal. Sadly, Jolt is really hard to find anymore. I keep holding out hope that one day C.J. Rapp will win back the rights to Jolt and bless us with it’s awesomeness once more.

Your music is weird!

Why, yes. Yes it is.