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EVBP-related links:
SoundCloud – Remixes done by/of EVBP.
Uvumi – This one is kind of old. EVBP hasn’t updated it in a while.
Damn Arbor Blog – A brief write-up about EVBP.
An attempt to plug EVBP’s music that got him banned from the Electrical Audio Recording Studio forum – Oops.

Unrelated links that EVBP thinks you might like:
Jordan Schug – I guess I can’t honestly call this an unrelated link, but here it is. I’ve known this guy since middle school and he is one of the most talented musicians I have ever known. Check him out!
Tri-Nebulous – While I’m not usually one to listen to bands that play songs lasting 8 minutes or more, these guys manage to make the most of every moment. Facing the Tide is a brilliant record!
Ruin Your Life – Most of the time when a band describes themselves as ‘punk’, I cringe because it usually sounds like Green Day. When Ruin Your Life says they are punk, you better f***ing believe it, or get trampled.
Professor Cat – What do you get when you mix alternative rock, steampunk, and some Lewis Carroll-inspired psychedlia? These guys!
Ghetto-T – One of the most bad-ass rappers in NW Ohio. Also, one of the most prolific. His output pace makes me feel lazy by comparison.
Dog Bosser – Hardcore punk from Bowling Green, Ohio. While there music is traditionally aggressive, I swear at times these guys are channeling the Minutemen.
As I – Another NW Ohio band. Very downbeat. I want to compare this to the less aggro side of NIN, but that still doesn’t describe it. Good stuff though.
“You” – For the longest time, I thought people playing Game Boys for music was something that only happened in places like New York or LA, then I saw this guy do a Prince cover at Howard’s Club H using one of those little gray boxes. My faith in the midwest was restored a little.
Christopher Salyer – I don’t usually get too excited about acoustic music, but this guy has a lot of talent. In addition, he is one of the hardest working alt-country musicians I know of. Seems he’s got a gig every day of the week!
MC Lars – Laptop rapper from California. Extremely talented, hard-working, and creative. He has a children’s TV show coming out soon called Yes Yes Y’all!
Shael Riley – Nerd rock artist, actor, quasi-famous internet personality. One of the most distinctive voices in independent music today. Additional praise-filled remark.