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Lo-Fi Mouth (Lyrics)

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Skinned Knee Mercy
Poems About Dreams
The ‘i ain’t got the blues’ Blues
Sweet Tooth
Lo-Fi Mouth
Check Yo’ Self
Seggasem Lanimilbus
I Can’t Quit

Skinned Knee Mercy

Taken for a ride
I realize its not my time
Free from your grasp
No more kissing ass

Skinned knee mercy (x4)
Burned out
Shot down
Of the sound

Wasted pity on
Before you know it, I’ll be gone
Lifted to the sky
Then dropped on my ass for living a lie

Skinned knee mercy (x4)
Deep fried
Char broiled
Freeze dried
So I won’t spoil

Talking to the earth
Travelled time to stop my birth
Tearing ’round the lake
None of it’s real; all of it’s fake

Chorus (x2)

Poems About Dreams

All I found was a black box
With your name written on the outside
I won’t risk opening it
Who knows?
What lies?
Is a heart inside?
You’re on the other side of town
Reading magazines
About things you think you’ll never be

Can I just say something?
Don’t give up
You’re not down just yet

I’ve been sitting here
Reading a book you said I should write
On the other side of town
Inside a camera lens
They see your silhouette outlined
In sepia-colored wine
And you swear this isn’t you

Can I just say something?
Don’t give up
You’re not down just yet

And I wonder what they see inside the camera lens…

I’ve been turning this letter over in my mind
On the other side of town
You lay my book beside your bed
And you swear to me
It can’t be you I’ve written about
But the look on your face says
I have no doubt
That you meant every word you said

Can I just say one thing?
Don’t give up
You’re not down just yet

The ‘i ain’t got the blues’ Blues
My life is swell
Really can’t complain
I’ve got a house
And a girl that loves me
My life is great
Oh can’t you see?
I’ve got no reasons
For this misery

I’ve got a car
And a job that I like
And when I go to bed
I sleep well at night
Oh this life I’m living
It’s hunky-dory
The perfect setting
For a happy story

But then there are times
My life ain’t so great
My car will break down
My girl will leave me
This life I’m living
Sometimes it sucks
But the more I complain
The more I make big bucks

Sweet Tooth

You have candy eyes
And sugar lips
A dominatrix with
A licorice whip
You speak from the heart
With your candy smile
Bring forth sugar words
Stay with me awhile

Would you like to? (x4)

Your donut half
Is a half smile
Cherry cheescake
And apple pile
Drop some gumdrops
On the sidewalk
Melts in the heat
Sticks to your socks

Do you want to? (x4)

Giving yogurt swirls
To my best friends
With little girls
And their ice cream blends
Chocolate cupcake
Raspberry tart
Please my sweet tooth
With your sweet heart

Would you like to?
Do you want to?
Does it hurt you?
My sweet tooth

Lo-Fi Mouth
?????? ??????????
??? ???? ? ???????????
??? ?? ??? ?? ???? ?? ????
???? ?? ???? ??? ????

Lo-fi mouth!

????? ? ????? ?????
???????? ?? ??? ??? ????
????? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ???
???? ??? ??????? ???
?????? ??? ?????? ????
?????? ??? ??? ???? ????
? ??? ??? ????? ???????
???? ??? ??? ???? ?????

Lo-fi mouth!

Holed up in my head, and look what happens!

Lo-fi mouth!

???? ?? ???? ? ????
? ?? ?? ?????????
???? ??? ??? ????? ???? ? ???
??? ?? ? ??? ?? ???????
??? ????? ??? ????? ???? ??
??? ??? ?????? ???? ?? ? ????
?? ??????? ?? ?? ???? ??????
??? ???? ??? ??????? ???
???? ??? ??????? ???!!

Lo-fi mouth

Check Yo’ Self
Would you like to play a game
You be you without a name
And we’ll fit together well
As you invite me into hell

I have had enough
I won’t be part of your mindfuck
Do I have to spell it out?
You can’t force love on someone who is in doubt

Go away (x4)

This has got me on the edge
Enough to make me gnaw off my own legs
And my hands won’t stop shaking
I’m not yours for the taking

This has gotta stop
Show your self or fuck right off
Is this coming through clear?
I refuse to live in fear

Go away

Won’t you give me a hint?
This is terrorism by a pinch
Just leave me alone
Just leave me alone

Just leave me alone…

Seggasem Lanimilbus
a lot of random backwards stuff
Subliminal messages

I Can’t Quit
I can’t quit doing stuff…

I rock your world with my nuts in my hands
So why the fuck are you dancing?
Gimme a porno mag, lotion and a clean rag
Bitch, tell me who is your dad?
Me, me, me, me!

And I… wanna be dirty!

Present your ass to me
I’ll pack your fudge for free
Spreading your STDs
Suck on my swollen schlong
Stiff, wide and really long
Kids should just skip this song
It’s not for minors!