Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. Part 4

In case you missed it internet, my brother was in the hospital last week – not doing so great. On assisted breathing and everything. But now a week later he is approaching his usual awesome self. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Your patience during these difficult times is greatly appreciated!

Now then, do you like free songs internet? Let’s be honest – Of course you do! If you didn’t you would be one of those abstract objects that doesn’t like free songs! And we all know those are few and far between. The latest song to reach pre-mastering completion is

05. Pepperidge Farm

And here is the download link!

Peppridge Fams

I will be posting even more free mp3s from the upcoming album in the near future, so get them while you can! Oh, and if you want to see footage from the studio, check out the youtube channel for more candid (and sexy) footage.

Happy Memorial Day and stay weird, internet!

Completed Tracks For M.E.O.W. Part 3

You should feel totally special, internet. I’m spoiling the fuck out of you this week! I have not one, not two, but… oh wait. Yeah, two! Two songs titles to post this week:

3. Leaf of Forgiveness
4. Kittens and Warm Cocoa

I swear the first one is not about pot! I’m actually not entirely sure what it’s about, but it’s pretty dang catchy. The second one features my good friend Mr. Tony Raines of the band Ruin Your Life. I got on the Facebook and I said, “I need someone to play the guitar like they could do one of those instructional guitar lesson VHS tapes from the early 90s” and Tony arose to the challenge. And blew the challenge out of the proverbial water!

Two songs completed not enough for you, internet?! Want more? Ok, well how about this? A new, as of yet unreleased track from the upcoming album. Last week’s final mix version of “There’s No Write Way”!

There’s No Write Way

The updates might slow down in the next week or two as I am considering retooling one of the initial instrumental arrangements for a song. I will post again as soon as possible though.

Stay weird internet!

Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. part 2

Remember when I said last week that I would be posting a song title here each time a track was ready for mastering?

No? Well then, read the previous post! As for those of you who have been following the news posts on this site – thank you for your interest in what I do with stuff on the internet! The second completed track is

There's No Write Way

This will be the lead-off track on the album and I’m sure you will all enjoy it a lot. Even by my standards, it’s fucking weird!

In other news, I am getting my studio back up and running. And you know what that means for you, right? Yes! More weird, wild, and what-the-fudge songs from yours truly! At this point I’m being very particular about what winds up on my next “official” record. And by my next record, I don’t mean the one you guys have been waiting nearly 3 years for – nope, I’m looking to the future! With that pickiness in mind, it is likely I will release some singles, EPs, things, etc just to get the creative impulses out of my system while I work towards my NEXT record!

Stay tuned! The name of the third track drops next week! And if you’re lucky, you might just get a preview of one of the new tracks!

Motivation Drops The Bass

…which means… what?

it means that in order to push myself to Finish mixing the mechanical essence Of whiskers, i will post a Song title from the album on the news feed the day it is ready for mastering. there are ten trackS in all. and here is the first one to cross the fInish Line:

candytosis (sweet tooth 2)

In oTher nEws, i have moved Closer to my place of work near ann arbor, michigan whicH has a vibrant (and strange) music scene. I hope to make a mark here and perhapS in nearby detroit. and bowLing green, ohio – i miss you guYs and gals!

but first Things first – finishing the record. i have other ideas in my head that are sitting on the backburner that I am eager to start makiNg some proGress onT. and i wOuld feel guiltY moving On to these newer ideas before the albUm was done.

i couldn’t resist giving you guys a riddle to unravel. keep an eye out for my #N_E_X_T post!

The New Album, Life & Stuff

Hey friends! It’s been a while.

So I feel the need to apologize to everyone for the long delay in the completion of M.E.O.W. I also feel the need to explain to you all why the album is taking so long to get into your hot little hands.

Back in April of last year I lost my day job. I spent the next 4 months unemployed, and trying to find work. Having spent over 13 years of my life in retail, I really tried hard to put my degree to good use and get out of that rat race.

Well, I succeeded. I have a full time job at an awesome company in Ann Arbor, MI. And I’m doing something I love. I write code! I wake up each morning and look forward to my work day, and that is something I never thought I would get to say.

Unfortunately, the rock & roll lifestyle tends to clash with the day job lifestyle – especially when you live an hour away from work and an hour away from most venues.

Since I last updated the website, I’ve done a few small open mic nights but haven’t really done anything big. I almost had a gig with the guys in Tri-Nebulous back in March. Unfortunately, it fell through when the venue underwent a management change and decided they didn’t want to put on rock shows anymore. It happens.

So I’ve had some difficulty finding the time to book and play gigs. I promise to get back to it real soon – I love being on stage!

Now about the album. Obviously the day job eats up time that could be spent mixing the album. But I’ve also suffered the same thing that a lot of independent artists suffer from – perfectionism. I want every note, every song, and every mix to match what I hear in my head.

This record is the first one where I really feel totally in control of the quality of the product – from start to finish. Being an independent artist also means you have no one else to blame if you’re unhappy with something you release to the public. I want you guys to get the best record I can give you.

With that in mind, I have completed the first phase of mixing and am going in to the studio in the next week or two to fine tune those mixes. I hope to have the record ready to go to mastering by the end of July.

In the meantime, I have a few surprises coming your way and I hope they will more than make up for my long absence.

So, until next time – stay weird!

– Experimental Voice Box Programmer

Welcome to v3.0

Welcome to the new version of the website!

The sexy new design is meant to complement the sexy new album The Mechanical Essence Of Whiskers. Nine of ten songs have reached the final mix stage and are waiting to be mastered. The final track “Decipher This Song” is getting some last minute retooling before getting mixed. I want it to be perfect. After all, it’s not everyday that MC Lars graces one of my tracks.

Speaking of Lars, he is currently on tour with the traveling freak show known as Warped Tour 2013! So you should get yourself a ticket and head out and see that!

I have decided that because of the magnitude of the album that is to follow M.E.O.W., I will be releasing an as of yet untitled EP. Comprised of a combination of unreleased tracks, cover tunes, remixes, and live tracks it should at the very least tide you over until NEXT is ready.

So that’s all for now. Take a look around and enjoy the new site!

Stay Weird.