New puzzle piece! Yay!

piece4Another one of these little geometric things for you! They will keep coming, like snow flakes in winter! Until they stop… like snow flakes in winter.

If you have been paying attention to the updates here, then you may notice the pattern that I tend to post about completed mixes on Sunday… Well, hopefully this Sunday will be no different! I am getting together with Pete to finish(???) another mix this weekend. And as is also a part of the pattern, I will post an mp3 here when it’s ready. Like the header says, “Yay!”

I will also give an update on the status of the pedal board in the near future. At present, it is built, I am just in the process of arranging pedals, positioning them ergonomically, and attempting to get the signal-to-noise ratio.

Stay tuned!

Completed tracks for M.E.O.W. Pt 8

Hi everybody!

A couple weeks back I said that one of the tracks completed was “Candytosis”. Unfortunately, the final mix of that was lost. So this week Pete and I mixed it again. I’m presenting it as the pre-master download for the present. So without further ado, here is

Candytosis (Sweet Tooth II)

If you are not familiar with the rest of my catalog, let me give you a little background on this track. It is the logical sequel to Sweet Tooth from my album Lo-Fi Mouth. The song is all about sweet stuff (with a title like ‘Sweet Tooth’, what did you expect?). I’m not sure what inspired me to write another song all about sweets, considering I personally do not have much of a sweet tooth (except when it comes to Jolt…), but “Candytosis” is the result.

I have a few tracks left. I am being very meticulous about them. Changing parts here and there. I’m beginning to realize that being anal about the final mix of a track doesn’t compensate for the overall track lacking in spots. So I am taking a little extra time with the remaining tracks to add parts, change parts, and re-analyze existing parts. You all deserve the best and I deserve to release an album I am 100% satisfied with.

Enjoy the new track, and keep your eyes and ears peeled for more tracks, puzzle pieces, and updates on the pedal board!

Holy stuff! I owe you a new puzzle piece!

tkkWhat’s happened in the last week? I went to The Token Lounge and saw the one and only My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult! It was epic!! It’s always exciting to see a band that has been doing awesome things for years and just continues to get better and better! Check it out! Buzz McCoy (Left, keyboards), Mimi Star (Middle, bass – Oh my gosh, I want to marry her!), and Groovy Mann (Right, lead vocals) tearing it up in the Motor City!

My apologies that I don’t have a new mp3 for your listening pleasure. Presently, I am working on putting the finishing touches on two of the tracks for the album. Just trying to decide which one to ‘finalize’ next. Regardless of which song I choose, you will be presented with an MP3 of a song. MP3s are wonderful, ain’t they? You can listen to them on your computer, or your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player/Other Modern Device! In the meantime, please accept this additional puzzle piece as a token of my esteem. It marks piece #3 in the ongoing puzzle piece mystery! (hint: It wasn’t Col. Mustard in the Library with a candle stick!)piece3

Stay weird, you weirdos!

New puzzle piece!

piece2Do with it what you will. These will keep on coming!

This Old Pedal Board, Pt. 2 and Puzzisle Piecizzles? Pt. 1

IMG_0457 The pedal board is bordering on finished! Since I last updated you on the status of it, it has been painted, and velcroed. BOOSH!! Eat your heart out Bob Vila, you bearded… carpenter… guy, you! Sadly, I had to settle for velco strips that were smaller than the width of the boards. But no matter, as long as the pedals adhere to it, that’s all that matters. I also tried out one of those 1-Spot daisy-chain power supplies. In regards to that, I can say this: if you have anything more than 3-4 pedals (which I do), save your money. Those things are horrifically noisy!

dod_fx75bI have also swapped out the unweildy (screw you WordPress, it is spelled correctly) MXR flanger unit for a DOD FX-75B which aside from not requiring a dedicated plug and being far more compact in size, also has the wonderful distinction of having an optional stereo output. Think of the sonic possibilities – I can flange in stereo! Before the completion of the board I still intend to get my hands on an EQ pedal, a reverb pedal, and a tuner. Being a low-budget kinda guy, I will likely keep my eye on the used market for these. I mean, let’s face it – most guitar pedals are built like tanks anyway! Oh, and screw boutique pedals. I have yet to hear one that sounds like it is worth the absurdly high prices that boutique pedal manufacturers want for it.

But let’s get to why you are really here. You like my music (or at least think it is strange enough to be worth your interest). And as such, you want more of it. And you want to be given the opportunity to get one of my CDs (or a couple of my CDs) before everybody else, right? Of course I’m right. I mean, you’re obviously not here for your health.

piece1<<< Last week, I promised that I would be giving you puzzle pieces to help decipher the track list from the upcoming album. The puzzle pieces are now dropping like bombs! There are 19 puzzle pieces in total (yeah I know it’s a weird number, what did you expect from a weirdo like me?!) and I highly doubt the album is going to take me another 19 weeks to finish mixing and mastering, so I will likely be releasing one or more puzzle pieces each week until I have the physical copies in my caffeinated little fingers.

Remember the clues I have given you so far: 10 tracks in total, and 6 of the 10 tracks are done and have been identified in previous blog posts.

Good luck!

Completed tracks for M.E.O.W. Pt 7

Hey everyone! No new track to report, but I do have another mp3 for your enjoyment!

Leaf of Forgiveness

I STILL have no idea what this song is about. It’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, frozen in carbonite! Speaking of such things, within the next week I will begin releasing the puzzle pieces needed to decipher the track list of the album. I’ve already revealed the names of 6 tracks from the record. Only 4 more to go!

Also, keep an eye on the Upcoming shows sidebar. I haven’t performed in front of an audience since August of 2013. The weird has been dormant for far too long…

2015 shall mark the return of weird to a stage near you!

This Old Pedal Board, Part 1

bobvila I felt it necessary to invoke the spirit of Bob Vila. Wait, he’s not dead? Oh good. So if I screw this up, I can always get ahold of him and ask for his help! Hooray for DIY craftsmanship!

If you’ve ever thought about making a pedal board, then you have probably seen one of the youtube videos explaining how to do so with a Gorm shelf from IKEA. As far as I can tell, the Gorm shelf is no more. It has been replaced by the Hejne shelf. The overall dimensions are comparable, but the gap between the boards is a little wider.

The Hejne shelves come in a pack of two (at least it does for the shelf dimensions I needed to accommodate all of my pedals). The advantage to the shelves coming in a pack of two is that I can now put a second tier on my pedal board by cutting one of the two shelves in half (it’s actually less than half as you can see from the picture, but you get the idea). This way, the pedals on top are not obstructed by the pedals on the bottom.


My next step will be to paint the shelf (because I said so, that’s why). Of course, it would also be a good idea to figure out what order the pedals are going to be arranged in… and figure out how best to attach the top shelf to the bottom… and of course, plan for further expansion! I could use a compressor pedal, and a volume pedal, and an eq pedal, and I’ve always wanted to have a talk box… and a tremolo pedal, and a…

Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. part 6

Hey everybody! Sadly, no new mixes to report this week. Buuuuuuuuuuuutttttt…. I have a new mp3 for you! I know. I’m as happy as you are!

Super Coffee

In addition to working on mixes for the new record, I am in the process of building a pedal board. Fellow music geeks will appreciate this and want to see pictures as it develops, so I will be posting those along with mix updates, mp3s and random, violent outbursts of the lulz. Brace yourselves!

Picture #1

Oh, hey what would you all think of a little puzzle to solve? In the weeks before the album is mastered and finished, I’ll be posting a pic each week that is part of the tracklist of the album. The first person to send me a copy of the complete track list wins

1) A signed copy of M.E.O.W.
2) A signed copy of The X of Art
3) A shoutout on facebook, twitter, and youtube!
4) A clue about the next album

You couldn’t ask for more! Well, you could but expecting it would be a little greedy. Stay tuned for more updates on M.E.O.W.!

Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. Part 5

Just a short update this time around… along with a short song!

6 out of 10 tracks have now reached final mix stage! The latest song to join the roster is

6. Super Coffee

My previous employer put a Keurig in the break room, so employees could make themselves a cup of coffee. One day as I was brewing a cup of coffee, I got to thinking what if someone were to brew a cup of coffee using already-brewed coffee in place of water? Super Coffee of course! Naturally, the caffeine content would be higher. So high in fact, that one would be driven to illegal-drug levels of hyperactivity as a result of drinking it. But enough about coffee, here is another final mix for your listening pleasure:

Kittens and Warm Cocoa

Now, I have to warn you, before you play this new track – for the love of all that is good, TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN!! Then once you have done that, turn it up, up, UP! A music video of this may (or may not) exist in the near future.

I will have another update (and possibly another mp3) for your enjoyment next week. Thank you for your support!

Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. Part 4

In case you missed it internet, my brother was in the hospital last week – not doing so great. On assisted breathing and everything. But now a week later he is approaching his usual awesome self. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Your patience during these difficult times is greatly appreciated!

Now then, do you like free songs internet? Let’s be honest – Of course you do! If you didn’t you would be one of those abstract objects that doesn’t like free songs! And we all know those are few and far between. The latest song to reach pre-mastering completion is

05. Pepperidge Farm

And here is the download link!

Peppridge Fams

I will be posting even more free mp3s from the upcoming album in the near future, so get them while you can! Oh, and if you want to see footage from the studio, check out the youtube channel for more candid (and sexy) footage.

Happy Memorial Day and stay weird, internet!