Jul 18 2015

New puzzle piece! Yay!

piece4Another one of these little geometric things for you! They will keep coming, like snow flakes in winter! Until they stop… like snow flakes in winter.

If you have been paying attention to the updates here, then you may notice the pattern that I tend to post about completed mixes on Sunday… Well, hopefully this Sunday will be no different! I am getting together with Pete to finish(???) another mix this weekend. And as is also a part of the pattern, I will post an mp3 here when it’s ready. Like the header says, “Yay!”

I will also give an update on the status of the pedal board in the near future. At present, it is built, I am just in the process of arranging pedals, positioning them ergonomically, and attempting to get the signal-to-noise ratio.

Stay tuned!