Jul 27 2015

Completed tracks for M.E.O.W. Pt 9

EVBP_explicit “Hey! You made it sound like you were gonna have a new track for us last last week! What gives?”

I know! Sorry everyone. Long story short, the track was ready last week. However, the first time it was rendered to mp3, I noticed the sound effects track had not rendered along with the rest of the mix. I mentioned this to Pete the next day, and he dropboxed me a new copy. After downloading this version and listening to it, I discovered that it sounded very choppy.

So after a very busy week at work, I finally got a chance to sit down with Pete and render the mp3 once again. So without further ado, here it is!

Washington Wives

When I was in elementary school and first discovering music, I used to get really frustrated because the albums that always had the coolest looking artwork were also the albums that had “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics” labels stuck to them. It was a couple years before I would finally buy many of these albums, because I remember my parents taking away my copy of Vanilla Ice’s To The Extreme because they thought the content was inappropriate. I didn’t want to buy a tape or CD that I figured my parents were just going to take away from me.

censored_albumsAs a teenager, I discovered the origin of the advisory labels. I also discovered the not-so-innocent history of court trials that followed in the wake of the PMRC’s founding. Jello Biafra became something of a spiritual advisor. I remember my disgust seeing the censored version of Nirvana’s In Utero on Wal-Mart shelves. I remember having to walk through a crowd of religious protesters at a Marilyn Manson concert. I remember rushing out to the local Sam Goody where my cousin worked, and getting her to sell me a copy of ICP’s The Great Milenko after seeing how it was being pulled from shelves as a result of pressure from the Southern Baptist Church on MTV News.

The world didn’t end. Many of the musicians whose music changed my life are still active today. The PMRC however, went belly-up long ago. And yet record labels both big and small, continue to put parental advisory labels on the albums they release. Now permanently printed over the front cover of the record. So I think it is safe to say that Tipper and her fellow Washington Wives are still winning the war to this day.

Anyway, as an apology for taking so long to get you guys the new track, I am giving you not one, but TWO mp3 this time. This is a remix of “Chickenz” that I did way back in 2013. I was initially planning to hold onto it until I reached 100 facebook fans, but withholding music from fans ain’t cool. So please enjoy these new tracks!

Chickenz (Hit Remix)