Here’s a demo for you!

Demo of the last track for M.E.O.W.

You’re probably wondering why I would want to post an old demo of a song that I’m getting ready to post an up to date, much more polished version of. The short answer? UNCLEARED SAMPLES! And while I am way more excited about the updated version of the song, I wanted you guys and gals to hear this one too.

I sampled a very large chunk of a Madonna song for this one as well as voice samples of Kesha. You see, in a lot of radio pop music, DJs are often exhaulted and treated like the best thing ever. But if you’ve ever listened to Kiss FM or been to a nightclub, you know that some DJs are as bland, boring, and predictable as 90s sitcoms.

I wanted to represent the opposite side of the argument.

“Hey Mr. DJ! Stop being so goddamn lazy! Play something I didn’t hear in the car on the drive over here 4 or 5 times! And maybe try spinning those tracks with some style instead of just hitting play and walking away!”

I feel like if you pay to get into a club and you buy drinks and a DJ has been given an opportunity to entertain you, they should make the most of it! Play something we wouldn’t expect! Try some mashups! Take us on a musical journey! Anything less is basically white noise and should not be held in high regard in pop music or anywhere else.

Sooo anyway…

I’ll be posting the new version of the song as well as the real title and more detail on it’s evolution, people involved (there are SOOO many!), et cetera in the very near future as well as some more puzzle pieces!