Aug 31 2015

Completed Tracks for M.E.O.W. part…. uh… let’s just call it “9”. Ok?

O… M… Gumdrops you guys! Only one track left to mix before M.E.O.W. gets shipped off to be mastered! I am so excited!!

So, what is with the title of this post? “Let’s just call it ‘9’”? Well, y’know… cuz there are only 10 tracks on the record and I have 1 left… so… GET OFF MY BACK!!!!!!!!!

Pixel Fix

This is my attempt to write a song in a similar vein to Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire – a combination of chiptune music with live instrumentation. If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a bit of a fan. I also really want to give some mad props to Logan Witte – who played the live drums – and Pete Bishop (my stepdad) who did a ridiculous amount of post-processing to get the drums tracks to line up. I could have done this song without the live drums, but I feel like THIS is the best version. Also the drum sound is SOOOOO Steve Albini – big, boomy in all the right spots, and tight as hell!

I gotta give you all a heads up, the next track will probably take a while to finish as there are A LOT of elements to it, and I want it to be perfect. Because I love you. Also, because I am a perfectionist.

Anyway, enjoy the new tracks – collect all them puzzle pieces – make this world more like Equestria – and keep your sense-holes peeled for the final track!