Not quite a new track for M.E.O.W…

What the heck does that mean?! What it means is that I thought I would have a track ready for you tonight. Unfortunately, after listening to the finished mix in my car on the drive home and at home on my laptop, a certain part of the track was not sitting right with me. So I have decided to refrain from posting the mp3 here (at least for a few more days), because I don’t want to risk that you’ll be as critical of the track as I am and as such think it is less than awesome.

piece5So why am I updating the site, if not to give you a new track? Three reasons. First, because I love you. Second, to give you a new puzzle piece (OMG! Puzzizzle Pizzieces!). And threed, to drop some well-deserved props on the rapper who made a guest appearance on the latest track.

Andrew Nielsen, AKA MC Lars is one of the hardest working rappers I know. He’s also one of the most personable and approachable. I emailed him an mp3 of one of my tracks back in 2010 (“Jolt”, in case you were wondering), and he was really enthusiastic about it. I was on cloud number 9! Number 9! #9!

He does't look like this in real life!I remember being a nervous wreck when I contacted him back in 2011 asking if I could interview him when he was on his upcoming tour with MC Chris. Because I’m the type, when I really admire an artist, I want to know everything about them! I think Henry Rollins once said “I want to know what they ate for breakfast on July 17, 1978!” I may have the date wrong, but the sentiment is the same – I want to find out what makes them tick. So the opportunity to interview Lars was something I really looked forward to!

Following an interview conducted in the alley next to the Blind Pig, Lars said “If you ever want me on a track, get in touch!” This was just too tempting to ignore! Being on a track with one of my heroes? Where the fudgsicle do I sign up?! So I continued working on the tracks that would become M.E.O.W. I finally got a brilliant idea in my head, and I wanted Lars to be a part of that brilliant idea! I contacted him with the song idea. He let me know if I could cover the time in the studio to record his vocal take, he would lay down a track.

I did.

He did.

And now you have to wait a few more days to hear it! AAAUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!! You feel the same as Lars up there, don’t you?!

But anyway it’s getting late and this post should let you know about Lars. Because I owe him a shout-out, and because Lars, man!!!

He has a new crowd-funded album coming out, The Zombie Dinosaur LP. Being an avid supporter I haven’t heard ALL of the tracks, but I have heard a few (and I’ll hear the rest when I get my copy of the crowd-funded album!). I’ve have heard this one, which if you aren’t stupid (…you’re not STUPID, are you??) you should check out.

I’ve got Dragon Blood, what you wanna do, son?!

Oh, by the way if you’re not familiar with the rest of Lars’ catalog, allow me to drop some youtubes on youse!

Flow Like Poe

Download This Song

White Kids Aren’t Hyphy

So continue holding your breath for a few more days! The new track is on it’s way. And that means there are only two more tracks remaining until the completion of M.E.O.W. Pur, my pretties… pur.