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Has it really been a year since my last major update?!

Sometimes I consider getting rid of this thing and focusing my attention on making more and better music! Thankfully, Tangerine Mussolini has been kicked out of the White House. And while I am no fan of Joe Biden, the only viable alternative was way worse. Anyway, on to what you’re probably here for – more …

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New world, new music.

A Certain Set of Parameters

EVBP returns with a brand new EP!

The World (or at least my inbox) Is Safe Once Again!

I finally got rid of the contact form because that A&R guy from Universal Music that I kept sending links to my Bandcamp page wasn’t picking up what I was putting down. Also, I got tired of spammers seeing “programmer” in the key words for the sight and assuming that I am a computer programmer. …

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