The World (or at least my inbox) Is Safe Once Again!

I finally got rid of the contact form because that A&R guy from Universal Music that I kept sending links to my Bandcamp page wasn’t picking up what I was putting down.

Also, I got tired of spammers seeing “programmer” in the key words for the sight and assuming that I am a computer programmer. I mean, I am… but that’s not the point!

You can still email me, if you’re old fashioned like that. Or you can get at me on one of the many social media platforms that I waste time on.

Hey, have you guys ever heard of vaporwave, synthwave, or [insert esoteric music genre here]? Because I am totally into [insert esoteric moosic genre here] right now! And I am experimenting with it!

That’s right, I am working on music again! This whole Covid-19 thing makes staying at home and working on music in my free time easier. Of course, I’m still my own worst critic, so that double-LP magnum opus is still a ways away.

But if you are here, I appreciate your interest and I promise to share some new music with you in the near future. Maybe an EP, maybe just a single, maybe a double-LP magnum opus! Wait, no. Scratch that last one.

I hope you and yours are staying safe, sane, and healthy. We will get through this. And hopefully unseat King KFC in November!

Much love,