Weren’t you supposed to be releasing an album, er something?

Long time no see, internet fanbase! I wanted to give a brief update here, because I did not want to appear to be a neglectful overlord. I care for all of my minions of weirdness!

First the good news. I got the mastered copy of the album back, and it sounds awesome!! I definitely think the time spent doing this right was well worth it (even if it did take three times longer than I would have liked). Rest assured you will be able to acquire the awesomeness for yourselves very soon!

Now the bad news. Western Digital is the devil. The completed artwork for the album (vectors, layered graphics, etc) is gone. I had saved it – along with a large number of personal files, lyrics, etc. – on an external WD drive. When I went to acquire these files yesterday to prep them for the duplication plant’s template, they were nowhere to be found. Which means I now have to start over with the album artwork. So the bad news is that the album release is going to be delayed once again.

The upside – because after getting on Twitter yesterday, venting and spewing vitriol at Western Digital I decided that there has to be a positive to this unfortunate event. I decided that the upside would be a revamp of my original design, including contributions from a guest artist. I am presently looking at designers and hope to have something soon!

So that’s it for now. Thank you for your enthusiasm and patience. Stay weird!